Oman Cancer Association (OCA)

Oman Cancer Association (OCA)

الجمعية العمانية للسرطان

Oman Cancer Association

Dar Al Hanan




Cancer is an unfortunate disease… but it is even more heartbreaking to witness children undergoing cancer treatment. The Oman Cancer Association (OCA) in Oman has identified the need to provide valuable accommodation for families accompanying children for cancer follow up at the Royal Hospital in Muscat. With only one Oncology Centre in Oman, many cancer patients and their families must travel and treatment vast distances from all over the Sultanate for treatment and access to care. Despite cancer treatment being free for all Omanis, the cost of accommodation for relatives and primary care-givers (who accompany patients to their treatment) poses a problem, limiting young patients’ crucial access to care. As a result, some patients do not attend as regularly as they should or simply abandon their treatment, which increases the chance of recurrence and death. The intention is to support families with young cancer patients in hospital, ensuring parents and care-givers have one less thing to worry about during this incredibly difficult time, thus allowing them to concentrate on their child’s care and needs. Dar Al Hanan’s doors are open to cancer patients, from infancy to the age of 17, and their families, and is open 24-hours a day, all year round.

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