Oman Cancer Association (OCA)

Oman Cancer Association (OCA)

الجمعية العمانية للسرطان

Oman Cancer Association

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How It Began


A cancer survivor, Ms Yuthar Al-Rawahy, promised herself while she was under active treatment, that if she were to survive her 3rd cancer, she would dedicate the time to develop a patient advocacy group in Oman. The concept was to create awareness on cancer so as the people could accept cancer and work for its early intervention, and successful treatment, through self-examination and early diagnosis.


Upon her return to Oman in October 2002 she organized a very successful meeting and with two other survivors they talked to the public about their experiences and stressed on early diagnosis and successful management. This humble beginning was followed by enormous interest. A huge support from individuals and relatives of the cancer patients joined hands. A task force was formulated and in November 2002. The founders meeting was organized and a working committee was elected. The committee was mandated to register the group as an association according to the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Social Development.


In April 2004 the Oman National Association was officially registered. This is the first patient advocacy group in Oman.

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