Oman Hereditary Blood Disorder Association Website

OHDBA needs a website to raise public awareness of blood disorders in Oman. The website has to have a custom Content Management System, because they need to change the news and information regularly. Also it has to be in Arabic and English.

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Metropolis Maze

Is a fun racing game for Android phone. Can also be ported to IOS phone. We can choose one of three sports cars. The goal is to complete three laps, and beat the previous time record.

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Oman Cancer Association Website

OCA needed to revamp their website, because they need a simple custom Content Management System to change the news regularly and to announce their events. The website is for raising public awareness of cancer in Oman. To convey the message, also to show the organization activities and services, we maximize the usage of photos and videos on the website. Done in Arabic and English.

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Augmented Reality Apps

I developed some augmented reality apps for sales presentation, training and branding. Currently the apps are for Android platform, but can also be ported to IOS.

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Other Works

I have made advertising media, websites, visualizations, e-learning solutions and interactive 3D applications for technology, automotive, equipment and government companies, also for non-profit organizations. See the works

Hewlett-Packard Pavilion a1239d Desktop


Bank Muscat Football Field 3D Animation


Renault Megane SW Flyer


ASM Technologies




Each project or product is unique, therefore it needs different strategy and planning.


Design is not just about the visual, but also the philosophy and concept behind it.


I use the best technologies to develop interactive 3D applications, websites, advertising media, visualizations and e-learning solutions.


We can use many ways and media to promote a product. Either by using networking, viral or word-of-mouth marketing, or by using digital marketing technique, such as website search engine optimization, social media, and email newsletters.